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Take Your Trading Performance To The Next Level

Develop the strategies and skills to make better trading decisions, and to trade with greater confidence, resilience and discipline

 Good trading skills, knowledge and strategy are foundational to trading success, but they alone are not enough to maximise your market returns.

Your trading decisions and performance are heavily influenced by your mind, emotions, physical state, and behaviours.

Many traders experience a ‘performance gap’ (or ‘behavioural gap’) in their trading – the difference between what their market returns could potentially be, and what they actually are; the difference between ‘knowing what to do’, and ‘doing what you know’.

Common trading behaviours that can impact the size of this performance gap include;

Exiting winning trades too early
Holding losing trades too long
Not pulling the trigger, and under trading
FOMO, impulsive behaviours, lack of patience, and over trading
Taking too much risk, or too little risk
Overconfidence, excessive risk taking and complacency resulting from winning streaks
Loss of confidence, and risk aversion resulting from losses and drawdown periods

What is your performance gap?

What behaviours are creating it?

What could it be costing you?

The Trade At Your Best online training courses have been designed to help you to develop your mindset, train specific mental and emotional skills, and to build effective high-performance trading behaviours, that will enable you to make better trading decisions, to navigate the psychological challenges of trading the market more effectively, to narrow your performance gap, and to take your trading to the next level.


Nick Dighton

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"This course has transformed my trading in many aspects beyond my p & l. It has significantly improved my trading edge. More critically, it has helped me build the resilience to take losses early and has enabled me to focus on the next opportunity promptly. I cannot thank Steve enough for the hard work he has put into this course which I know will pay dividends for years to come."

Richard Thomason

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"I was impressed with not only the sessions and course content but also the homework exercises and reflection. I took copious notes and re-watched each session to check if I had missed any insights. I found Steve to be very professional, helpful and approachable, both during class and afterwards. Steve is a master of his craft and is passionate about his work and improving his traders' performances."

Gurdeep Singh

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"Steve is an experienced psychology coach and the training is put together well to break down each of the components involved in a traders psychology thought process. When you learn to breakdown this down it’s helps you identify and improve in small areas you couldn’t do before, as it was thought and seen as a whole concept. Now that whole psychology concept can be broken into different parts."

Susan Costigane

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"Having read Steve's books I knew that if the opportunity presented itself to work with him I wouldn't hesitate. As a retail trader I thought it would be highly unlikely, so I was excited when this course became available. Understanding the psychology behind my negative behaviours when trading and how to manage them has moved me from "treading water” to now seeing improvements in both my process and my P&L. This course was hands-down the best investment I have made in my trading education over the past 4 years."

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Trade At Your Best Courses

Created for maximum impact in minimum time, for traders who understand that trading success requires more than just skill and strategy, and who are committed to taking their trading performance to the next level.

01 Trading Edge

Make better trading decisions, with greater confidence, more consistently.

At the very core of high-performance trading is making effective risk decisions.

The quality of your trading decisions is not just a function of your trading strategy – it is also heavily influenced by your mind, emotions, personality, physiology and behaviour.

This course focuses on providing you with a high-performance trading framework that integrates your trading behaviour, your risk personality, and key psychological (mind) and physiological (body) strategies, that will allow you to make better trading decisions, with greater discipline and consistency.

02 Mental Mastery

Develop the mental frameworks and mental skills to trade at your best in any situation or environment.

Trading can be very psychologically challenging, uncomfortable and demanding.

Being able to execute your trading strategy consistently, in the heat of the market, and being able to navigate the highs and lows of the trading experience, requires the development of specific mental and emotional skills.

This course focuses on providing key knowledge and a range of evidence-based practical strategies and skills that will enable you to manage your mind and emotions more effectively, increase your levels of resilience and discipline, and enable you to execute your trading strategy more consistently in any situation or environment.

What makes Trade At Your Best courses different?

Delivered live + evidence-informed + practical focus + proven results

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