Trade At Your Best

Trade At Your Best explores how you can train your mind, brain and body so you can achieve your trading potential

Podcast host, Steve Ward, is one of the world’s leading experts on trading performance and trading psychology and has been working with trading talent at major investment banks, hedge funds, investment firms, commodities trading houses, energy companies and utilities, and proprietary trading groups across the globe since 2005.

During that time Steve has helped thousands of traders to develop the mental, emotional and physical skills required to overcome the challenges that trading the markets can bring for any trader such as dealing with losses and losing runs; managing emotions such as fear, anxiety and overconfidence; managing risk effectively; dealing with uncertainty, novelty and volatility; reducing decision making biases; navigating changing and challenging market conditions; being patient; overcoming hesitation and overtrading; and dealing with stress and fatigue.

The podcast episodes provide a combination of knowledge, insights and actions drawn from research and practice in the fields of psychology, decision science, neuroscience, peak performance and physiology, combined with Steve’s real life experience of what actually works with his clients on the trading floor – blending the science and the art of enhancing trading performance.

Launching End of September 2019!

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