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Transform your psychology and trading performance

Develop the mindset, mental skills and behaviour to trade with confidence, consistency and discipline

Trade At Your Best 2022

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‘What percentage of trading performance do you think is psychological?’

‘How much time do you spend working on developing your trading psychology?’

It is interesting that so many traders attribute a relative, to very large proportion of trading performance to psychology, often in the 50-90% range, and yet so many spend so little time actively working on developing it.

Good trading skills, knowledge and strategy are foundational to trading success, but they alone are not enough to maximise your market returns.

There is a difference between knowing what to do, and actually doing what you know, consistently, in the heat of the markets.

Ask yourself whether any of these scenarios are familiar to you.

"I exit winning trades too early"
"I fail to accept and cut my losses"
"I hesitate to pull the trigger on my setups"
"I can't help but overtrade"
"I trade too big (or too small)"
"I suffer from a fear of missing out (FOMO)"
"I struggle to cope with a run of losses"
"I get overconfident after a run of winners"

What are these behaviours costing you?

The good news is that in the same way that trading skills, knowledge and strategy can be taught, learnt and developed, so can trading psychology.

The best traders think, and behave differently to the rest.

Over the last 17 years I have helped some of the world’s top trading talent to develop their mindset, train specific mental skills and build effective high performance behaviours, that enable them to make good trading decisions, to navigate the highs and lows of trading the market, and to maximise their market returns.

Trade At Your Best has been developed so that I can help you too.


Nick Dighton

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Former TAYB Student

"This course has transformed my trading in many aspects beyond my p & l. It has significantly improved my trading edge. More critically, it has helped me build the resilience to take losses early and has enabled me to focus on the next opportunity promptly. I cannot thank Steve enough for the hard work he has put into this course which I know will pay dividends for years to come."

Richard Thomason

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Former TAYB Student

"I was impressed with not only the sessions and course content but also the homework exercises and reflection. I took copious notes and re-watched each session to check if I had missed any insights. I found Steve to be very professional, helpful and approachable, both during class and afterwards. Steve is a master of his craft and is passionate about his work and improving his traders' performances."

Gurdeep Singh

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Former TAYB Student

"Steve is an experienced psychology coach and the training is put together well to break down each of the components involved in a traders psychology thought process. When you learn to breakdown this down it’s helps you identify and improve in small areas you couldn’t do before, as it was thought and seen as a whole concept. Now that whole psychology concept can be broken into different parts."

Ann-Marie Stringer

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Former TAYB Student

"This is a must do course for any trader who is serious about improving their performance. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned trader the value in this course is fantastic. Steve provides a logical framework for assessing trading performance and issues, and then provides practical and effective strategies for improvement. The support provided by Steve during the course was incredibly helpful."

See more course feedback from TAYB attendees here 

An in-depth course designed to improve your thinking, decisions and profitability.

Trade At Your Best 2022 Starts On October 20th 2022
Course Fee : £595.
Here’s what’s included:

6 x 90-minute LIVE online training modules with Q&A

1 x 60-minute LIVE BONUS session

Recordings of all live sessions (Available until March 31 st 2023)

A workbook (PDF) for each module

Post-session reflection and action sheets (PDF)

A copy of the ‘Traders Mind Journal’

A copy of ‘Bulletproof Trader’

Mental training exercises (mp3)

Follow-up exercises to complete between sessions

NB sessions dates/times may be subject to change

Module 1

The Process Of Making Good Trading Decisions

20th October 2022 @ 1900-2030 UK time

Trading requires you to make decisions, to take risk, under conditions of uncertainty. As such, at the very core of successful trading is process – having a clear trading process, focusing on executing your process, and improving your process over your time.

Content will include;
What does it take to be a successful trader?
Developing trading skill – understanding probability, process, skill and luck.
The High Performance Trading Cycle – a focus on process, and developing strategies. or making good trading decisions and reducing the impact of bias and emotion.
The importance of shaping your process to align with your personality preferences, strengths, values and interests.
Enhancing trading performance – creating a mental and behavioural framework for improving trading performance.

Module 2

Developing Commitment, Consistency, and Discipline

27th October 2022 @ 1900-2030 UK time

Discipline is a much talked about topic in trading. At the core of trading discipline is an ability to be able to commit to taking effective trading action, even when you might be experiencing uncomfortable thoughts, emotions and urges.

Content will include;
What is trading discipline, and why do traders struggle with it?
Trading with ‘poise’ – developing a psychological framework for trading with greater consistency and discipline (includes a psychological self-assessment).
Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and moving from aversion to acceptance.
Strategies for strengthening commitment, enhancing consistency and closing the ‘knowing v doing’ gap.
Exploring, and practicing, commitment and discipline in action using the ‘Decision Point’ framework.

Module 3

Mental Training For Improved Attention, Focus and Discipline

3rd November 2022 @ 1900-2030 UK time

Traders have to be able to respond effectively to a variety of psychologically challenging situations, which requires a high level of attention and awareness, being able to focus on what matters, and to be able to manage the thoughts and emotions that may be showing up.

Content will include;
Understanding the neuroscience of attention, focus and discipline, and why it matters for trading performance.
Assessing your level of attention and awareness (includes a psychological self-assessment).
Training attention and awareness - the ‘mental muscle’ of discipline.
How to stay focused on what matters, your trading process, making good trading decisions and what is under your control.
Training the mind-body connection for enhanced stress and emotion management, and improved decision making and trading performance.

Module 4

How To Work Effectively With Your Emotions In Trading

10th November 2022 @ 1900-2030 UK time

Emotions like fear, regret and overconfidence are examples of emotions that traders face when engaging with the markets, and that they need to learn to be able to manage effectively in order to trade at their best.

Content will include;
The neuroscience of emotion and decision making – a paradigm shift for how traders need to think about and manage their emotions.
Exploring and assessing your own trading emotions, and how they impact your trading decisions and behaviour.
Strategies for reducing exposure to unhelpful emotions – including ‘optimal’ risk taking.
Strategies for developing emotional flexibility, and working with your trading emotions effectively.
Exploring, and practicing working with your emotions in action using the ‘Decision Point’ framework e.g. taking losses, holding winning trades, being patient

Module 5

Developing A Successful Traders Mindset and Managing Your Thoughts, Doubts and Ego

17th November 2022 @ 1900-2030 UK time

Your mindset, beliefs and thoughts about the markets, trading and yourself influence the decisions you make, and the actions you take. Developing a ‘successful traders’ mindset and being able to manage your thoughts, doubts and ego are key components of successful trading.

Content will include;
Beliefs, mindsets, thoughts and their impact on trading decisions and behaviour.
Exploring, assessing, and developing your own trading mindset and beliefs.
Developing, and aligning, your trading beliefs, with your trading process.
Strategies for developing mental flexibility and managing your thinking, worries, doubts and ego.
Exploring, and practicing working with your difficult thoughts in action using the ‘Decision Point’ framework e.g hesitating/not pulling the trigger, doubting yourself after a run of losses

Module 6

Managing Trading Stress And Fatigue

24th November 2022 @ 1900-2030 UK time

Your physiological state, your levels of stress and fatigue, in the body, have an impact on the quality of your decision making and risk taking. Developing physiological readiness and resilience are key to making good trading decisions, reducing bias, and enhancing discipline.

Content will include;
How your physiology impacts your trading decision making, risk taking and performance.
The importance of developing physiological readiness and resilience for making good trading decisions, and for reducing bias, and enhancing discipline.
Fatigue, its impact on traders performance, and strategies for managing it.
Trading stress, its impact on traders performance, and strategies for managing it.
Creating high performance trading lifestyle habits and practices.

Bonus Session

Enhancing Trader Performance – Developing A Process For Sustaining Self-Awareness And Self-Improvement

1st December 2022 @ 1900-2000 UK time

Enhancing trading performance, moving towards becoming your best trading self, is dependent on developing high levels of self-awareness, and sustaining a focus on self-improvement. Building self-awareness and self-improvement practices, and self-management strategies into your trading process is a highly effective way to enhance your trading performance on an ongoing basis.

Content will include;
Behavioural Alpha, and the process of becoming a better trader.
A framework for enhancing trader performance.
Behavioural risk management, and creating a behaviour informed trading process.
Developing a ‘Trading Challenge Playbook’.
How to sustain the work you have been doing on the course going forward.

Trade At Your Best 2022

Enrolment Is Now Closed
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