Trade At Your Best Trading Psychology Course

Do you ever.. Get out of winning trades early? Fail to cut your losses? Not pull the trigger on set-ups? Overtrade? Let your ego get in the way of your profits by wanting to be right? Trade too big, or too small? Suffer from FOMO? Trade in revenge after a loss? Struggle to cope with a run of losses? Get overconfident after a run of winners?

You are not alone.

These are common challenges that even experienced institutional traders face, and ones that I have helped many traders to overcome over the last 15 years in my work as a trader performance coach with some of the world’s top trading talent.

The best traders know that successful trading requires both the development of a winning methodology and a winning mindset.

Many private traders spend a great deal of time and effort looking for and developing their method, but often fail to spend sufficient time and effort working on and developing their mindset.

Developing a winning mindset is the key to trading with confidence, consistency and discipline.

I have developed the ‘Trade At Your Best’ trading psychology course to teach private traders the mindset and mental skills that are required to succeed in the markets, to share the knowledge, insights and techniques that I use with my own institutional trading clients.


'Steve has an excellent and insightful understanding of the human mind and how it responds to the stresses of trading. I found his counselling and suggestions consistently added value and gave me greater focus to concentrate on my trading as I could ring fence and remove unnecessary thought patterns under his guidance.’
- Hedge Fund Wizard Coaching Client

The ‘Trade At Your Best’ Course

The ‘Trade At Your Best’ course has been developed for private traders who are committed to becoming the best traders that they can be, to working on developing the mindset side of their trading, and who want to close the gap between their potential returns and their actual returns.

What You Get

7 x 60-minute modules followed by a live Q&A session
Workbook (PDF) for each module
Course journal (PDF)
Guided mental training exercises (mp3)
Live 60-minute Q&A session approximately 4 weeks after module 7

Course Modules

Module 1

How To Increase Your Chances Of Trading Success - Developing Commitment, Competence, Confidence and Consistency

  • Why do so many traders lose in the markets? And, what are the factors that make a trader successful?
  • Why developing expertise is the key to successful trading, developing a mastery mindset, and practical strategies for accelerating your progress along the learning path from beginner to winner.
  • How to strengthen your commitment to take the consistent action you need to take, to move you towards your ideal trading self, and achieving your trading potential.

Module 2

How To Make Good Trading Decisions, Trade Less Emotionally And Reduce Behavioural Bias

  • How to embrace uncertainty, think in probabilities, and focus on making good trading decisions.
  • The high-performance trading cycle and 4 psychological strategies to enhance your trading decisions and discipline.
  • How to trade with poise – to be disciplined – to execute your strategy, even when difficult emotions and thoughts show up, to be able to pull the trigger, takes losses and run your winners more consistently.

Module 3

Mental Training For Strengthening Trading Discipline, Patience And Flexibility

  • Learn specific mental training practices that will help you to train your self-awareness, self-regulation and self-discipline.
  • How to develop mental and behavioural flexibility so that you can be less attached to your trades, your results, and yourself, and trade the markets not your mood.
  • Training present moment, process focus, for confidence, composure and consistency.

Module 4

How To Manage Your Mind And Develop A Winning Traders Mindset

  • How your beliefs and thoughts about yourself, trading, the markets, risk, uncertainty, money, winning and losing shape impact your trading decisions and results.
  • Practical strategies for effectively managing the difficult thoughts that show up in your trading and get in the way of your trade execution.
  • How to develop your thinking, and shape a mindset that supports trading at your best.

Module 5

How To Manage Fear, Regret, Boredom And Other Difficult Trading Emotions

  • Trading, risk, stress and emotions – looking at the feelings traders experience, the impact they can have, and developing practical strategies to manage them.
  • How to use the latest neuroscience and cognitive psychology approaches to effectively manage fear, regret and other difficult emotions that show up in trading
  • How to develop awareness of your physical state, mange it, and reduce the impact of stress and fatigue on your risk taking and decision making.

Module 6

How To Take Losses, Manage Drawdown And Avoid The Downsides Of Winning

  • Mental strategies and approaches to help you to take losses more easily.
  • Specific mental strategies to help you to manage a series of losses, drawdown, and to cope with changes to market conditions.
  • How to manage big wins and winning runs –how to deal with overconfidence, greed and complacency.

Module 7

How To Trade At Your Best

  • How to develop strategies for enhancing behaviour change, and taking action to become a better trader.
  • Identifying and developing the habits of high performing traders, and how to build your own trading process and mental framework.
  • Developing your training plan for going forward – continuing on the path of trading mastery.


Q&A Session

  • Checking in on the actions you have taken and the progress you have made.
  • Working on overcoming challenges that you are facing in implementing the work from the course.
  • Setting action and a focus for moving forward beyond the course.

Dates and Times

2020 Dates : 15th October, 22nd October, 29th October, 5th November, 12th November, 19th November, 26th November and 14th January 2021 (Q&A Session)

Details on how to access, and make the most of the webinars, will be sent out after registration and prior to the course commencing.

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