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Transform your psychology and trading performance

Develop the mindset, mental skills and behaviour to trade with confidence, consistency and discipline


Nick Dighton

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Former TAYB Student

"This course has transformed my trading in many aspects beyond my p & l. It has significantly improved my trading edge. More critically, it has helped me build the resilience to take losses early and has enabled me to focus on the next opportunity promptly. I cannot thank Steve enough for the hard work he has put into this course which I know will pay dividends for years to come."

Richard Thomason

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Former TAYB Student

"I was impressed with not only the sessions and course content but also the homework exercises and reflection. I took copious notes and re-watched each session to check if I had missed any insights. I found Steve to be very professional, helpful and approachable, both during class and afterwards. Steve is a master of his craft and is passionate about his work and improving his traders' performances."

Gurdeep Singh

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Former TAYB Student

"Steve is an experienced psychology coach and the training is put together well to break down each of the components involved in a traders psychology thought process. When you learn to breakdown this down it’s helps you identify and improve in small areas you couldn’t do before, as it was thought and seen as a whole concept. Now that whole psychology concept can be broken into different parts."

Ann-Marie Stringer

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Former TAYB Student

"This is a must do course for any trader who is serious about improving their performance. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned trader the value in this course is fantastic. Steve provides a logical framework for assessing trading performance and issues, and then provides practical and effective strategies for improvement. The support provided by Steve during the course was incredibly helpful."

What separates the top 10% of traders from the rest? It’s simple: mindset.

Even if you have a winning methodology, what can often derail your success is your psychology. Just ask yourself whether any of these scenarios sound familiar.

"I exit winning trades too early"
"I fail to accept and cut my losses"
"I hesitate to pull the trigger on my setups"
"I can't help but overtrade"
"I trade too big (or too small)"
"I suffer from a fear of missing out (FOMO)"
"I struggle to cope with a run of losses"
"I get overconfident after a run of winners"

The good news is that you can improve the way you think. It just takes knowledge and practice. Over the last 15 years, I’ve helped some of the world’s top traders implement these steps to overcome their psychological hurdles.

I would like to help you too.

An in-depth course designed to improve your thinking, decisions and profitability.

Do you want to trade at your full potential?
This course will teach you the skills to reach and maintain a high-level of performance.
Here’s what’s included:

Live online training modules, with Q&A
Recordings of all live sessions
A workbook (PDF) for each module
A weekly ‘Trade At Your Best’ journal (PDF)
Post-session reflection and action sheets (PDF)
Mental training exercises on mp3
Follow-up exercises to complete between sessions


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